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Had a dream where my brother's money (or something important) was stolen and I had to hunt down the little thief. The thief looked like a skeevy, scrawny, skinny Asian guy with long hair with some acne. He had highlights too.

Iiiin other words, just about almost every Asian guy I know LOL.

The setting was a mix between where I live and Whittier College, where I used to go to. For some reason, there were a lot of female chimpanzees on campus. Not sure if that says something about the school or me lol.
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Posted this on plurk and facebook already but I want to immortalize it here too.

Last night, Moogle and I were heading to the used bookstore. We're walking to his car:

Moogle: [singing] I ran, I ran so far away~
Me: Yeah, it's like...in the Middle East or something right?
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Letting someone make a choice only to criticize them about the choice they made immediately right after doesn't seem like the right thing to do.

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I wanna go somewhere far away and live on my own.

I think that's when I'll feel pretty damn happy. Like, I come home to a nice, clean apartment with a working oven and looking forward to the next day of work/class/whatever.

I'll have a cat and/or dog to welcome me home or something. Maybe Heng too, if things go that far.


Actually, you know what's an awesome life? Ina Garten's from Barefoot Contessa. I want a life where I am super wealthy and just cook recipes on TV for my gay guy friends while my professor husband is away teaching and stuff. ROFL
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Feels so weird to have limited icons...but I don't want to get a paid account right now. :'|

Not much on my mind right now, but I just put the amazon order for the two books I need for English 1C. I'm looking forward to it because the theme of the class is superheroes, villains, and anti-heroes. c:

The books are Superheroes and Philosophy and Kingdom Come. The latter is about the DC folks...I'm a Marvel. Maybe this class will get me to read some DC? :3

Hey, speaking of comics...!

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Welp, I haven't updated my LJ in a long long time so I figure I ought to start anew with DW. It was really hard deciding on which icons to move over hahaha. I'll still update my icon comm on LJ though.

Leeeeet's see. I could talk about school but I think I have blogged/ranted about school enough. I'll pull up pics from my camera phone and see. (My camera phone stinks, btw hahahaaa. So none of these pics does justice for the subject.)



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